The Mini Mason. A new Fluffpop creation.

18 Jun

Our Fluffpop DJs are excited to announce something so chic | so simple | so elegant.

Introducing: The Mini Mason.


Packed with one of our gourmet flavors, ‘The Mini Mason’ offers a Fluffpop which can be shipped as a gift, customized as a party favor, personalized as a seating card alternative, or even used as a hotel room amenity for guests.  The possibilities are endless.

The Mini Mason can be shipped nationwide, and can be fully customized for your special event.

Pre-orders for ‘The Mini Mason’ begin on July 24, 2013 at  ‘The Mini Mason’ Fluffpop starts at $4.00 each.


THE GLOWPOP. Fluffpop™ with a glow!

19 May

Fluffpop™ Gourmet Cotton Candy introduces The Glowpop.

Try our gourmet cotton candy spun directly onto an LED glow stick. The light from the glow stick illuminates the entire spun treat!

Our Fluffpop Team offers a variety of exotic, organic, and sugar-free flavors which can be spun directly onto a an illuminating glowstick at your event!




Want more details on how to snag some Glowpop at your next event?  Contact us!

Society Bakery meets Fluffpop

18 Feb

Had an amazing brunch with the owner of Society Bakery, Roshi Muns, this morning! Absolutely love her warm spirit.  Definitely an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs!



The Thrillist loves us!

17 Feb

The Thrillist – Cotton Candy like you’ve never seen


Fluffpop Spreading love on Valentine’s day!

17 Feb

Spreading Fluffpop love to all of our favorite clients!!!