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In the Kitchen | Peppermint Fluffpop with Citrus Tea

24 Jul

Here at Fluffpop, we are all about making your life a little bit sweeter. Fluffpop is a gourmet cotton candy company, specializing in high-end events, catering, and gifts. Our unique, organic flavors make us one-of-a-kind!  Not to mention, many of our flavors are chemical and dye free. Today we want to share how we can sweeten your tea with our sugar free peppermint Fluffpop cotton candy!

Peppermint can be very beneficial to drink to help with indigestion, stomach cramps, and even abdominal pain. Also, peppermint can have a calming effect, which is perfect for those extremely long and stressful days. We have a great recipe for you to help calm any stressful day or just to enjoy a delicious cup of tea.


Photo Courtesy of Muhammed Ismail |


Peppermint Fluffpop with Citrus Tea!

This recipe makes 4 servings:

3 tea bags (Choose your favorite)

1 quart of boiling water

1 jar of “The Mini Mason” Fluffpop in Sugar-free Peppermint

1/2 large lemon, sliced into 1/4-inch slices

1 bunch fresh mint, washed

2 cups cold water

Start by boiling the 1 quart of boiling water. Once it comes to a boil add your favorite tea bags. Let the tea steep for about 20 minutes. Pour the brewed tea into your favorite pitcher. Add the lemon, mint, and sugar-free peppermint Fluffpop cotton candy until it completely dissolves. Once the cotton candy is dissolved, add 2 cups of cold water. Strain the mint leaves before you serve it. Finally, add a small garnish of our sugar-free peppermint Fluffpop cotton candy on top of your favorite glass before serving.

This will give that extra touch of elegance at your next hosting party or event! Everyone will be so impressed with not only how delicious their tea will taste, but also by the beautiful presentation! Order ‘The Mini Mason’ Fluffpop for your next event at

Our Sweet Story: The Dallas Morning News Feature

7 Jul


Photo Courtesy of The Dallas Morning News
Photo Courtesy of The Dallas Morning News

Link To Article: Fluffpop – Gourmet Cotton Candy Made in Dallas

We were truly honored to be featured in their Life section in the Dallas Morning News where you will see our DJs spinning live at the My Forward Life event last month at the House of Blues Dallas!

Thank you to Clare Miers & The Dallas Morning News for telling their readers about Fluffpop!

To learn more about Fluffpop Gourmet Cotton Candy, visit us at


Yasmeen Tadia - CEO & Founder of Fluffpop

Yasmeen Tadia – CEO & Founder of Fluffpop

The Mini Mason. A new Fluffpop creation.

18 Jun

Our Fluffpop DJs are excited to announce something so chic | so simple | so elegant.

Introducing: The Mini Mason.


Packed with one of our gourmet flavors, ‘The Mini Mason’ offers a Fluffpop which can be shipped as a gift, customized as a party favor, personalized as a seating card alternative, or even used as a hotel room amenity for guests.  The possibilities are endless.

The Mini Mason can be shipped nationwide, and can be fully customized for your special event.

Pre-orders for ‘The Mini Mason’ begin on July 24, 2013 at  ‘The Mini Mason’ Fluffpop starts at $4.00 each.

THE GLOWPOP. Fluffpop™ with a glow!

19 May

Fluffpop™ Gourmet Cotton Candy introduces The Glowpop.

Try our gourmet cotton candy spun directly onto an LED glow stick. The light from the glow stick illuminates the entire spun treat!

Our Fluffpop Team offers a variety of exotic, organic, and sugar-free flavors which can be spun directly onto a an illuminating glowstick at your event!




Want more details on how to snag some Glowpop at your next event?  Contact us!