Our Sweet Fluffpop™ Story

Founder Yasmeen Tadia created her unique, sugary confection by accident just under a year ago. She and her son have always loved cotton candy but she wasn’t happy with the offerings available. She wanted different flavors to choose from but she also didn’t want something full of chemicals and dyes that would be bad for her family. So what does any bright, hardworking, single mother do?  She created her own.
“As a parent, I knew I wanted to provide a healthier choice that was still super flavorful and sweet. After testing and retesting, I was able to finally develop a unique way to create organic cotton candy.” Tadia states.

Tadia’s sweet methods are top secret but she invites you to snag an up close and personal taste for yourself at a FluffPop SugarRush Tasting.

FluffPop was created primarily with adults in mind and her flavors reflect that. Most in-demand include Strawberry, Guava, Pineapple and Lychee. Custom flavors are available by request.

Visit us at Fluffpop.com for details and pricing!

Fluffpop™ is a Dallas, Texas based gourmet cotton candy catering company, however the company is available to cater worldwide.



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